Open to collaborations with vocalists!

As mentioned in the title, I’m open to working with vocalists on some new Pulse Of Dawn tracks. I’ve already begun working on some new material, and although I’m not necessarily looking to have vocals on every track for my next album, I’m certainly open to collaborating with singers on several songs.

If you happen to be interested, feel free to send me a message on my Contact page with some examples of your music.

Depicting Clouds (Official Music Video)

The official music video for my song “Depicting Clouds” has been released with the launch of my debut album “The Escapist” .
It took a decent amount of time to plan, experiment, execute and edit. It was especially difficult because I wanted to release it the same day as my album. One of the most stressful parts was waiting for the 3D rendering. Once my scenes were finally set up, it took about 2 months to render it all on one computer. Luckily, it was well worth it in the end.
For more technical details about the creative side of it, please visit my other website
I hope you enjoy it!


Pulse Of Dawn – The Escapist

I’m very happy to announce that my debut album “The Escapist” is now available! You can grab a copy on any store offering music streaming/services, such as amazon, itunes, spotify, tidal, etc.

I’ve worked on this album since late fall 2017 and was aiming for a mix of future bass, edm, dance and pop rock. Some main influences include Deadmau5, Disclosure, Madeon, Monstercat, and more.


1. Open Your Eyes
2. Alternate Reality
3. Depicting Clouds
4. One Of A Kind
5. Don’t Forget Your promise
6. A New Voice
7. Night Lights
8. Celestial City
9. Disingenuous
10. Butterfly Effect